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Just one for One. toms outlet store is not a new shoe business although single for just one organization. toms shoes outlet sale shops review Suggestions when stores that carry toms Shoes can vary Each time a buyer buys among the shoes or boots clearance toms shoes provide a totally free pair of shoes into a desperate baby. A few trillion pairs connected with shoes are actually toms shoes outlet shops review directed at young children globally by way of the program. A person for starters - my own invest in will help youngsters. As well as besides toms outlet online,toms shoes outlet shops review a purchase order of a tom shoe outlet garments solution furthermore provides a pair of shoes out - A single for example.

  2006, TOMS Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie entrepreneurs travel to Argentina, where he found many poor people, especially children, need to walk several kilometers every day to go to school or find clean water, but because no shoes to protect feet suffering from skin diseases. Blake Mycoskie decided to give them help, and intends to raise funds through commercial means to make this charity project more sustainable.

Back in America, Blake Mycoskie in Santa Monica, California founded TOMS Shoes, "TOM" three letters taken from the word "Tomorrow". Argentina draw local traditions shoes "Alpargata" style, TOMS Shoes with a soft cotton cloth, canvas, corduroy and soft leather pad (microblogging), non-slip soles, making a comfortable, lightweight shoes.

Each pair of shoes sold, TOMS Shoes will donate a pair of shoes to children in poor areas, this is called "One for One" from the activities carried out in 2006 so far, has donated over one million pairs of shoes.

Although the style is simple and plain, but in fact TOMS Shoes has a very varied colors and textures, as well as cooperation with the avant-garde artists who painted series. In addition to the classic "old man shoes" style, TOMS Shoes also includes a low-cut lace "Cordones" series, high-top "Botas" series, flat boots "Wrap Boots" and so on. If you have this pair of "the story" of the shoes became interested in, the next step and posters, web series compiled together to see the TOMS Shoes 2011 spring and summer which will give you a pleasant surprise!

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